The rich, businesses, and governments borrow to invest to increase wealth. Should you? If so, how?

How you think about and use debt is foundational to your financial success. 
With an engaging storyline approach, learn secrets of the rich to increase your wealth and security.

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Benefit from Secrets of the Rich

  • Over 12 $MART DEBT Strategies, including several "can't lose" concepts like how to turn "bad debt" into "good debt"
  • Why you shouldn't put dry pasta in your RRSP
  • How to earn guaranteed returns of 25% or more
  • Two new, commonsense strategies for cautious investors to outperform the market

Praise for The Smart Debt Coach

"Apply even some of this book's teachings and you'll owe its author a debt of gratitude. And that's smart debt!"

David Chilton

"The Wealthy Barber", Dragon's Den star

"Talbot Stevens is one of Canada's known experts on investment debt and personal investments. If you are thinking of borrowing to invest, you definitely want to be aware of the pros as well as the cons. This book is a great place to start learning and Talbot makes it fun!"

Moshe Milevsky

Ph.D., York University professor, author

"I spent my RRSP refunds until Talbot Stevens showed me the math on reinvesting them. Now he's written a book that uses the catchy concept of dry pasta to help you understand a better way to a comfortable retirement."

Ellen Roseman

Toronto Star personal finance and consumer columnist, author

"The Smart Debt Coach should be mandatory reading in classrooms across Canada. A must read if you want to use the secrets of the rich to create your own financial independence."

Mark Huber

Financial advisor, author

"Do pick up this easy-to-read book to reduce bad debts to increase cash flow for investing. It will coach you to improve savings through smart debt management."

Evelyn Jacks

President of Knowledge Bureau, author

"Talbot provides great insights into prudent wealth creation. His entertaining style will leave you with valuable strategies that are easy to understand, remember and implement -- all with the help of a financial 'coach.' Two thumbs up!"

Blake C. Goldring

CEO, AGF Management Ltd.

"Written in the storytelling style as The Wealthy Barber, The Smart Debt Coach is easy to read and full of great actionable advice for Canadians who want to get ahead financially."

Sheila Walkington

Co-author of Unstuck, How to Get Out of Your Money Rut and Start Living the Life You Want

"The Smart Debt Coach is a must read for all financial advisors and investors who want to maximize their clients' or their own personal retirement plan."

Dominic Presutti

Great-West Life

"Talbot Stevens' new book addresses important financial concepts and simplifies them in a unique, real-life format that is easy for anyone to understand. A fantastic book to read before meeting with your financial advisor!"

Dave Velanoff

President, Velanoff Group Inc.

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